Financial Resources

  • Forbes created a small business relief tracker of government agencies and private companies that are offering small business owners support (Click Here).

    Retail Industry Leaders Association: COVID-19 Resources for Retailers (Click Here).

  • Seated has launched a hotline for restaurant owners to get advice from finance and law experts in the industry (Click Here).

    Small Business Administration Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources (Click Here).

  • For Additional Resources, check out this list of banks who are offering relief to those affected by COVID-19 (Click Here).

Marketing Resources

  • Chamber of Commerce: Leverage your local Chamber, they may have advertising abilities, local contacts and resources to help support you and your business during this time.

    Delivery of Product: Some stores have offered Buy Online, Curbside Pick-Up services or delivery of product after payment was taken online or over the phone. This may be the time to test a delivery system.

    Digital Advertising: Communication with your consumer base and neighbors will prove extremely important during the coming weeks. Utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram), web and local advertisers (some are supporting local businesses for free).

  • Grants: Keep an eye on grant programs from large corporations such as Facebook, GoFundMe, Yelp and more.

    • GoFundMe partnered with Yelp to allow independent businesses to start fundraisers and accept donations through Yelp's pages. The Yelp Foundation and GoFundMe also both pledged to donate up to $1 million to the Small Business Relief Fund.
  • Grass Roots: If you have a great relationship with a business in the same complex or across town, trade marketing support. Make a Facebook post promoting their business in exchange for them doing the same for you. This tactic can open your business up to a new audience and give your business more credibility in the market.

    Promote Gift Card Sales: If you do not have an existing electronic gift card system, begin one with providers such as Square, Clover, Shopify, Shopkeeper. Learn more about how to get started on a gift card system, (Click Here).

Restaurant Resources

  • Third-Party Delivery Services: Many third-party delivery services are currently waiving their fees for restaurants. Including your business on multiple food delivery apps can help serve as a marketing vehicle within your community. Visit:

  • Rally for Restaurants is a marketing tool to help companies get their restaurant in the public eye and encourage gift card purchases (Click Here).

    Restaurant Workers Community Foundation Relief Fund can help workers apply for direct assistance through Southern Smoke and utilize RWCF resources (Click Here).

  • Spill the dish helps locate options for financial assistance for both restaurant workers and businesses (Click Here).

State and Local Resources

Along with the national resources listed above, there are additional avenues for aid available on the state and local levels.

Florida | Illinois | Michigan | Minnesota | New York | Puerto Rico

  • Florida


    Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program
    Loans for small businesses (1-year interest free)
    More Information: Click Here



    Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund
    Starting March 31, small businesses in Chicago can apply for low-interest loans of up to $50,000 with repayment terms of up to five years.
    More Information: Click Here



    Michigan Small Business Relief Program
    Michigan will provide both grants and loans to small businesses affected by the coronavirus starting on or around April 1. Grants will be available in amounts of up to $10,000 to help cover working capital. Loans will be available in amounts from $50,000 to $200,000 at interest rates of 0.25%.
    More Information: Click Here



    Guide for Minnesota Small Businesses
    Curated list of loans and financial resources available to small businesses in Minnesota.
    More Information: Click Here

  • New York

    New York City

    New York City Employee Retention Grant Program
    Small businesses with one to four employees can apply for a grant of up to $27,000 that covers 40% of payroll costs over the course of two months.
    More Information: Click Here

    New York City Small Business Continuity Fund
    If your business has fewer than 100 employees, you can get up to $75,000 in interest-free loans from the city to cover revenue losses.
    More Information: Click Here

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Retailers Association Financial Aid List
    Curated list of loans and financial aid resources available to small and medium businesses in Puerto Rico.
    More Information: Click Here

    Department of Economic Development and Commerce Aid
    An incentive of $1,500 will be provided to companies with fifty employees or less that have a turnover of no more than ten million dollars.
    More Information: Click Here

    Government Guaranteed Loans
    Find accessible short and long term commercial financing alternatives guaranteed by the SBA.
    More Information: Click Here