Dividend Trust Portfolio

10 Assets, 4.1 Million Square Feet

The Dividend Trust Portfolio (DTP) was formed in 2018 between SITE Centers (20%) and two large Chinese institutional investors (80%). It is designed to provide stable income from ten high quality, primarily semi-regional discount oriented assets in major US metropolitan areas including Charleston, SC, Phoeniz, AZ, Raleigh, NC, St. Louis, MO, Union, NJ, and Wilmington, NC.

DDRTC Core Retail Fund

22 Assets, 7.6 Million Square Feet

The DDRTC venture was formed in 2007 in conjunction with SITE Centers' acquisition of Inland Retail Real Estate Trust. It is an open-end partnership between SITE Centers (15%) and TIAA (85%). At its inception, the partnership was comprised of 66 shopping centers with a primary geographic concentration in the Southeast. Through strategic paring of the portfolio starting in 2010, the venture is now comprised of 22 primarily core, stabilized semi-regional discount-oriented assets.

DDRM Properties Fund

35 Assets, 5.4 Million Square Feet

The DDRM venture was originated in 2007 in conjunction with SITE Centers' acquisition of Inland Real Estate Trust and was recapitalized with Madison International in 2017. It consists of investment primarily in high quality grocery anchored shopping centers located mainly in the Southeastern US.

Retail Value Inc.

31 Assets, 12.1 Million Square Feet

SITE Centers serves as the sole external manager of Retail Value Inc. (RVI), a separately traded public company that was spun-out of SITE Centers in July 2018. RVI’s portfolio consists of discount-oriented retail centers throughout the Continental US and a diverse pool of high-quality retail centers in Puerto Rico. SITE Centers provides property management, asset management, dispositions, and all corporate functions, including reporting, investor relations, and capital markets services.

Blackstone Funds

19 Assets, 4.7 Million Square Feet

SITE Centers manages two funds (Blackstone III and Blackstone IV) on behalf of Blackstone. They were formed in 2014 and 2015 in association with the acquisition of ARCP and the 12-asset ProLogis shopping center portfolio. The fund now consists mainly of discount-oriented retail centers located primarily in California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas.