The Transactions team at SITE Centers is focused on investing in retail real estate assets that provide attractive, sustainable returns to shareholders. The core of our investment philosophy rests in acquiring well-positioned, convenience-oriented real estate that leverage long-term demand drivers and utilize our best-in-class management, leasing, analytics, and development teams.

Featured Investments

  • Portland, Oregon

    Acquired in 4Q19, The Blocks is an assemblage of ten buildings that serve the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon, one of the most desirable places to live on the West Coast. The Blocks is situated at the base of the most in-demand residential towers in Portland and houses approximately 40 retail and service-oriented tenants that cater to the thriving live-work community. The acquisition of The Blocks represents a distinct opportunity for SITE Centers to capitalize on the sub-market’s population growth and strong existing tenant sales.


Active portfolio management results in the recycling of capital out of mature, slower growing assets into those properties with greater value-enhancing opportunities. Our transactions team leads this recycling process through an active disposition program that makes institutional-quality assets available for purchase.